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The Pillars of Wellbeing

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What does health mean and what to do about itby Alexandra Berthault What is Balance? Isn’t what it takes to achieve and maintain optimal wellbeing?  Isn’t it about navigating through a journey of adventures that constantly tests all aspects of our life, be the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual? Although it…

Transform Your Small Space: How to Feng Shui Your Apartment

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If you’re living in a small apartment and feel like your space is always cluttered, feels confined, or the atmosphere just feels off, you’re not alone. Luckily, no matter the size or layout of your apartment, you can easily transform your small space with Feng Shui. And what better time…

An Introduction to Feng Shui

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Interview conducted by renown London-based Interior Designer Ana EngelhornWith Alexandra Berthault-Bizer A building, whether it’s a residence, hotel or a place of business, is made up of many different parts. All the parts have to fit together well to make it function as a whole. As interior designers, we have…