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Chinese Astrology also known as Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny, is a method that describes an individual’s qualities and tendencies with their strengths and weaknesses. Bazi offers ways to enhance the quality of our life and avoid mishaps. It also allows us to better understand ourselves and take action to create our own happiness.

A Bazi analysis will help you with:

  • Making the right decisions at the right time
  • Optimising your potential for success
  • Bringing harmony to relationships and understanding better yourself
  • Choosing the right job and improving your career

Your birth chart is your blueprint which cannot change but Bazi is the tool which can help you tweak situations in order to nurture different aspects of life, such as health, relationships and career.

A Bazi Consultation can be done after you provide the date of your birth, the time, the location, where you currently live and what facet(s) in your life you would like more light on (love, health, career, prosperity, …).

Bazi Online

£89 50-minute Online Session

 This a verbal analysis of your natal profile and its characteristics, strengths and talents. Discussion of your objectives or aspirations taking into consideration the time factor and its influence on your personal blueprint.

 Our success is manifested with practical strategies and most importantly, your willingness to take the necessary steps effecting change in your life.

At Chez Wellness, coaching means we will co-create a plan together, a plan that is realistic and practical.

No action, no traction, no outcome.


Ba Zi Optimal

£289: Full written Report and Online 60-90 minutes Consultation

This includes all drafting and preparation.

At Chez Wellness, we don’t just read your Ba Zi chart, we offer practicality and solutions.

What will you gain from a Ba Zi chart analysis?

* Better understanding of yourself: Why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do.

* Learn how to use your natural gifts, strengths, and talents

* Improve Relationships

* Plan for the most auspicious times for important life decisions such as marriage, changing careers, moving house, renovating, and traveling.

* Prepare for the year ahead to harness new opportunities and manage blips as they arise.

* We give you the tools to empower yourself

No action, no traction, no outcome.


Ba Zi Annual Update (Existing Clients)

£79: Online 50-minute Consultation

These sessions help you explore new areas of your life as they unfold fluidly. We use the date selection method to help you organise better timings for key events such as marriage proposals, weddings, project launches, making investments, and travel.

Consultations can be tailored to your preferences 0nline with or without written report.