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Alexandra Berthault, DipNut, (CNM), Dip Health Coach (CNM), MVHF (Crystal and Energy Healing), Feng Shui consultant (Gold Level IFSG Certified), Board Member of the Feng Shui Society U.K. and Eastern Astrology lecturer.

After a first career in finance, Alexandra changed professional paths and embarked onto the fields of Metaphysics and Naturopathic and Energy Medicine.

Alexandra Berthault is an accredited nutritional therapist and health coach (mANP, mGNC) trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. In her clinic, she works with her clients using a range of specialist coaching tools and techniques and sets realistic goals.

She is also a professionally accredited consultant in Classical Feng Shui and currently sits on the Board of the Feng Shui Society. Along with teaching Feng shui, she also teaches, practices and lectures Eastern Astrology or the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Nonetheless, her first career change was her encounter with crystal healing in 2005. She since trained for 3 years in Crystal, Energy and Stress healing (with the Vibrational Healing Foundation) which she continues to practice with much joy and gratitude.

Her consultations are bespoke, taking a thorough case history discussing what the client’s health concerns and goals are. Her approach enables people to create real change in every aspect of their life, including their diet, fitness levels, career, relationships, home environment and general wellbeing.

Alexandra can assist with a range of health-related issues including stress & anxiety, gut & skin problems, cancer coaching, general health and wellbeing.

She has recently appeared on talks with Amanda Sophia, featured on Mindful Kawa, the Feng Shui Society annual conference and lectured at Positivium among other hosting platforms.

Alexandra is passionate about improving people’s quality of life and enthuses in sharing her wisdom with her audience.