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Energy healing is a holistic therapy that assists the restoration of health and well-being. It is non-invasive and focuses on the subtle energies of the individual rather than on physical symptoms alone. The energetic make-up of every individual, including a person’s emotions, thoughts, memories and beliefs form part of his/her auric field and the systems within it.

Crystal Healing follows the same approach as energy healing except crystals are placed on or around the body to focus the healing more specifically on each individual’s particular needs. Crystal healing is a more specialised form of healing and requires the therapist to precisely match the appropriate crystals and techniques to the patient.

Both Energy and Crystal Healing can support the natural self-healing process inherent in every individual and are considered complementary to conventional medicine as opposed to alternative. They can assist with the recovery from existing symptoms and personal difficulties and can also ease stress-induced conditions.

The healing process works on every level of the auric field and the benefits may extend to helping restore balance and harmony within the patient’s life.

Crystals are powerful and effective tools for energy work.  Crystals are known to possess a number of special vibrational properties that interact with living beings in a variety of ways. Every crystal has a unique vibration/energy which is influenced by its colour, chemical composition, inner atomic structure and outer form. It is this distinct orderly structure that enables crystals to absorb, reflect, transform, transmute, balance, direct, amplify, clear, or focus, those subtle energies.


 Crystal Healing Consultation: the initial consultation focuses on the energetic causes of ailments. This is done by evaluating the condition of the various energy systems that are situated within the bio-magnetic field (aura) of a client and then addressing these appropriately. Since these systems are not situated within the physical body they are known as ‘subtle anatomy’ rather than ‘physical anatomy’.

Trained as an energy healer, Alexandra will assess your auric field (physical body, mental, emotions, beliefs) for any imbalances. These Imbalances can arise due to stress, illness, or emotional and mental tensions or as a result of significant changes that arise in various aspects of a person’s life. From the assessment, Alexandra will channel energy to redirect and address any imbalances


Crystal Healing

Crystal and Energy therapy both promote balance and well-being by correcting the flow of our subtle energies, be it physical, spiritual or, emotional. It is a non-invasive vibrational treatment and works alongside other therapies as well.

Stress Healing

Stress is essential for survival. However, when our coping mechanisms become weak, it’s our entire immune system that becomes affected.
Through guided meditation these sessions offer you the tools to release that overwhelming feeling.

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