Feng Shui is based on the Chinese philosophy of the flow of energy throughout the universe. It examines how people are affected by the environment in which they live, and reveals the connection between our external surroundings and our inner being.
The guiding principles of Feng Shui aim to optimize one’s surroundings. Simple beneficial changes can be applied to living and working environments through the introduction of sound Feng Shui analysis and advice.At Chez Feng Shui we are committed to creating life-enhancing spaces. The core of this ancient practice lies in understanding and seeking a balanced, supportive relationship between yin and yang, chi and the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal).Feng Shui can support you in many ways:

Improve the energy in your home, to help every aspect of your life flow
Maximize your personal potential
Increase prosperity
Build and strengthen family relationships
Implement cures, which create harmony and balance in life
Promote health and well-being in your home and your office
Sell, select or buy your own property

Our mission at Chez Feng Shui is to create peaceful, creative, harmonious and prosperous spaces in which to live and work, anywhere in your environment.