Each consultation is confidential and uses the Classical and Form Feng Shui methodology.
For both residential and business consulting, Chez Feng Shui will give you plenty of expert support. We will give you dependable recommendations for your present property and help you incorporate Feng Shui features into your renovations.  At Chez Feng Shui we offer creative advice for colours and décor, suggest innovative clutter solutions, and assist with enhancing all aspects of life.

entry-doorTypically, at the end of the consultation, the client will be given an assessment of the site and its potential for wealth, health, relationships, career, and success. The property will also be rated for its compatibility with the client. Sectors in the property each representing aspects of life such as career and relationships will be evaluated for its relative potential. The consultant will also make general recommendations as to the preferred colours, shapes, and objects in the space, with specific recommendations as to their location and position.

Results can be expected within several days to several weeks. It is important to keep in touch with the consultant, particularly if changes are slow in coming or if changes become too swift. It is recommended to do a space clearing prior to implementing the Feng Shui cures/actions. Moreover, annual follow-ups are important to make as the main energies change every February according to the Chinese Hsia Calendar.


Silver Package: £500

This consultation report includes a visit to the site, Classical and Form Feng Shui methodology, Min Gua analysis and compatibility, Yin/Yang analysis, Flying Stars and Eight Mansions techniques. Don’t worry if these terms sound like Chinese to you! the report is written in a layman’s terminology for an easier understanding of the analysis.

What you need to provide:

Detailed floor plan (11″ x 17″ maximum, 8.5” x 11” preferred) drawn to scale showing all doors and windows.
Year of construction (also year of any major renovation or additions). It’s crucial that this date is accurate to ensure you are advised the correct elemental Feng Shui remedies to use.
Birth dates of permanent occupants of your residence or of your management team.
Answers to my client questionnaire.

Gold Package: £700

This consultation report includes a visit to the site, Classical and Form Feng Shui methodology, Min Gua analysis and compatibility, Yin/Yang analysis, Flying Stars and Eight Mansions techniques. Basically, it’s the Silver package plus the following:
Additional services offered:
Space Clearing of your property
One Bazi 10-page report (Chinese Astrology): Description of your Destiny chart with insights as to the best course of actions to take at a specific period of time.
One-hour follow-up within 6 months of the consultation.


£150 per hour.  A 3-6 month one hour follow up is suggested to chart your success and to enhance your continued progress.


£100 flat fee for full report and a 30-minute phone consultation.


There are no travel fees for appointments in SW and Zone 1 Central London. £75 per hour for travel time after that.
Out-of-town consultations require a deposit, in addition to travel costs such as airline ticket, rental car and/or hotel room. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the client and shall be paid in advance in addition to normal fees for the project or a flat out-of-town day rate.


Space Clearing: £60/hour (usually up to 2000 sft)
Bazi Consultation: £150/report
Decluttering Service: £60/hour

Visiting energies change at the beginning of February each year and these will affect the recommendations given in a Feng Shui consultation.
We recommend contacting us as early as November / December to schedule your report to have all your remedies ready for the New Year.
The Annual Update Report is only for existing clients.


The purchase of Real Estate is the largest investment many of us will ever make. Why leave it to chance? A Pre-Purchase Review can help you make an educated choice by providing an overall compatibility chart of the building in question based on Classical Feng Shui principles.


£150 for the first building analysis.

£100 for every building after that.