where to buy aciclovir Space Clearing:

Every person has a bio-magnetic field that relates to her/his physical body, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Likewise, every house or land has its own footprint which influences the luck of its residents.
Space clearing can be used to prepare the land for use, to clear out unwanted energies in existing buildings, to bless the land or buildings for a particular purpose, and even to help with serious problems such as illness or misfortune. We offer a wide variety of rituals that can be tailored to the specific circumstances encountered by the client.

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Blessings are a form of clearing and healing ceremony which encourages new growth, harmony, development, and prosperity. This type of ceremony is usually solicited for breaking ground on new construction or as a general blessing of the land. It can also be used during times of misfortune, or performed as a cure for predecessor problems, such as bankruptcy, illness, death or divorce.
As an adjustment, it corrects the effects of an out-of-balance site. It can offer protection during times of vulnerability from unforeseen forces. It will provide protection and grounding for the project, the community or the residents it holds. Crystal and Energy Healing:

Crystal and Energy Healing therapy relates to our electromagnetic field, which in turn relates to all our life experiences, including our overall health and wellbeing, memories, mental and emotional makeup. At Chez Feng Shui, we aim to bring back balance in a client’s aura, by introducing natural healing energies where needed. Tools such as crystals and sound are also used where appropriate.

What Can Crystal and Energy Healing Help With?

  • Providing The Energy To Support The Whole Of Your Being
  • Pre- and Post Operative Care
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Release
  • Life Changes / Transitions
  • Release From Stuck or Outworn Patterns
  • Boundary / Protection Issues
  • Balance and Stability Issues
  • Clearing / Clarity / Focus
  • Creativity / Confidence Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Connection to Higher Guidance
  • Personal Growth / Spiritual Development
  • Soul Purpose / Direction
  • Development of Greater Levels of Joy and Happiness
  • Manifestation (Bringing ideas into physical reality)


Dowsing is a technique for not only detecting underwater pipes but also detecting land that has been traumatised or being under geopathic stress. Dowsing can detect imbalances in one’s energy field. Energy, crystal and sound healing are techniques that can help restore stuck or unwanted patterns in a specific area.
Metallic rods are used to detect negative energy

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